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The Centre is open to the public
Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

If you can help re home an animal
from Arthurshiel Animal Rescue Centre
please ring 07581-878393

Arthurshiel Rescue Centre
St Boswells
Borders Region

Registered Charity Number :- SCO29296
Arthurshiel Animal Rescue Centre Arthurshiel Rescue Centre

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Our Aims

1. To alleviate the suffering and distress of animals in need of care and protection in St Boswells and the surrounding area by providing shelter and temporary care to both domestic animals and wildlife, with a view to rehabilitation.

2. To advance the education of the public in the proper care and attention of domestic pets by promoting responsible ownership of domestic pets through advice and training.

This means that the centre looks after animals which are strays, which owners can no longer look after or which need further training to allow them to be re-homed.

It also means that owners or potential owners who need some help in finding an animal that’s right for them, and who need an understanding of how to look after and socialise the animal and who may also need support later when training the animal can turn to the staff at the Centre for advice and information.

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